Cotton Bath Rugs

Nothing compares with the feel of 100% cotton bath rugs under your feet. Our selection of easy care cotton bath rugs are exceptionally soft and warm. With a range of styles including reversible cotton rugs and unique color options, you are sure to find the perfect rug for your bathroom.

Color icons on this page shown below products are intended as a general guide not a preview of the actual color, see product pages for specific shades/images and more information.

Background Color Key Popular Discounted (Sale) Closeout
modern shag bath rug with unique striped design available in slate grey, taupe and pacific blue
Lounge Shag Bath Rug
Cotone Bath Rugs Bathroom Rugs
Cotone Bath Rugs
Merida Bath Rugs Bathroom Rugs
Merida Bath Rugs
Phoenix Bath Rugs Bathroom Rugs
Phoenix Bath Rugs
bamboo bath rug dries quickly and absorbs better eco friendly bamboo rug
Bamboo Bath Rug
Rio Bath Rugs Bathroom Rugs
Rio Bath Rugs
Loop Bath Rugs Bathroom Rugs
Loop Bath Rugs
Caracas Bath Rug Bathroom Rugs
Caracas Bath Rug
Newport Bath Rugs Bathroom Rugs
Newport Bath Rugs
Tarifa Bath Rugs Bathroom Rugs
Tarifa Bath Rugs
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