Oval and Oblong Bath Rugs

Oval bath rugs bring a soft design element into your bathroom. Your search for an oblong bath rug or oval bath rug is over! We have a number of designs that offer this unique shape. Soft, plush oval bath rugs in your choice of colors are available in cotton or long wearing polyacrylic designed specifically for the bathroom. Simply click on any of your favorite designs below to view oval and oblong rug prices.
oval bathroom rug with beautiful sculpted pile in palm green, pink, peach and beige
Romance Oval Bath Rugs
plush luxury bathroom rug in oval, round, half round, rectangular, matching elongated lid covers and extra large sizes with 20 color options
Relax Bath Rugs
plush oval bath rug in blue, beige, orange, red or green
Siesta Oval Bath Rugs
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